The African potato capsule contains extracts from the Hypoxis tuber popularly known as the African Wild Potato which is a plant native to South Africa. The extracts consist of plant fats, Sterols and Sterolins, which are know for stimulating and regulating the production of white-blood cells thereby boosting immunity. So people with recurrent illnesses and low immunity like HIV and Cancer patients will benefit greatly from this herbal extract.And because it regulates the immune system, it is an effective remedy for autoimmune diseases like Arthritis, Psoriasis. etc.

Researches also revealed an amazing benefit of the African Potato. It was discovered that the plant extract had the ability to help one cope with stress by limiting the effects of prolonged exposure to Cortisol (stress hormone) which if left unchecked, can leads to
suppressed immunity, high blood sugar, excessive fat deposits,hypertension,insulin resistance etc. Another interesting benefit of the African potato is that its beta-sitosterol content is effective for easing urinary flow in patients with BPH and improving prostate health.
African potato like every other herbal supplement will naturally have a wide range of benefits,some of which we have listed.  You can do some personal research to discover other uses for the African {Wild) Potato. 

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